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  • Marseille,
  • France
Astérides support the young creation in contemporary art through residency programs for artists and curators, but also by exhibitions, catalogs edition, workshop time and multiple art pieces production.
Twice a year there is a calling for application for residency program, jury select artist.

During six months each artist gets a 90m2 studio at la Friche la Belle de Mai and a residency grant. During this period Astérides organize studio visit, networking with professionals and give time to artist to do some research and work with the other artist also a curator, who is invited in residency. This teamwork will give a free meeting, an exhibition and a catalog edition.

Astérides encourage international exchange ; it is part of a program with l'iaab at Bâle (Switzerland) and with la Fonderie Darling (Montréal). Those programs give the opportunity to foreign artist and curators to come to Astérides and find the best working and producing conditions. It is working on the same way for French artist going over there.

Astérides activities spread to a large audience, because of its exhibitions, which mix new and older artist at la Friche la Belle de Mai place. Astérides develop multiple art pieces production and diffuse it in art fair, bookstores and on its website. Also conception, realization and diffusion of publications connect to the organization activities.

The organization wants to be a place where young artist can find tools for integrate the professional art circuit.

Funding artists: Gilles Barbier, Sandrine Raquin, Jean-Christophe Nourisson and Claire Maugeais.

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