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La Forêt d'art contemporain

La Forêt d'art contemporain

  • Sabres, Landes de Gascogne,
  • France
At the heart of the Landes de Gascogne forest there are three cultural operators: the association Culture et loisirs of Sabres, the association Les Florailes de Garein, and the regional Nature Park of the Landes de Gascogne (Ecomuseum at Marquèze). They are geographically close, share the same values, and pool their activities with a view to creating a real centre in the contemporary art domain.

This is an ambitious and open project.
It is based on the desire of the three partners to go beyond their programmes, which have already been recognized for several years. The artistic ambition of such a project calls for a professionalization of its approach, and an appeal to well known skills. The artistic direction, limited to a period of a few years, may be entrusted to a director, with recognized credentials and attuned to the world of contemporary art, or to an associate artist. The choice of the director and the guest artist will be shared by the project's institutional partners.

This project will underwrite an approach involving the cultural development of the Landes de Gascogne region.
Through artists' interventions, it will first of all promote both its emblematic sites and its more modest spaces.
The gradual accumulation of installations will progressively trace out an itinerary around these sites. The annual communiqué about the artists and works will gradually set up this forest area as a destination to be visited. Over and above the construction of a cultural tourist destination, a progressive enrichment of the daily living space is also a part of this project.

Site de la Forêt d'art contemporain

Former residents

Christophe Doucet


Laurent Le Deunff


Sébastien Vonier


Bruno Peinado


Laurent Kropf


Yves Chaudouët


Émilie Perotto