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  • Lindre-Basse,
  • France
Since 2002, in close collaboration with the commune of Lindre-Basse and the Lorraine Regional Natural Park, the art centre has been running a programme of artist residencies in the former presbytery of Lindre-Basse, which was specially refitted as a studio.

The residency session offers the artist a chance to develop a specific project outside of his or her day-to-day context. The natural environment, the local population, the region's socio-economic data, its traffic, its potential in terms of history or tourism, or simply the structure of the studio offer many new possibilities to the resident artist. This residency also involves an ongoing dialogue with the art centre and meetings with professionals and other regional contacts.

Far isolating the artist in the studio, the aim of the programme - beyond supporting creative work - is to enable the local population to have a lasting relationship with artistic creativity. This artist accommodation programme is also punctuated by meetings that are aimed not just at schoolchildren and residents of the village and neighbouring communes, but also at regional cultural organisations, students of art schools and art courses, and organisations promoting contemporary art distribution in Lorraine. As the organiser of this programme of residencies, the art centre is able to develop its contemporary art support activities in parallel with the exhibitions it programmes at the Synagogue.

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Former residents

Marcel Dinahet


Eva Taulois


Pierre Labat


F. Pugnaire & D. Raffini