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No Fear, No Shame, No Confusion, exhibition view
No Fear, No Shame, No Confusion, exhibition view
© Photo Aurélien Mole


  • Marseille,
  • France
Triangle France is part of the Triangle Trust which also has a residency/workshop programme in London and New York City.
Triangle France selects with an external commission composed by Triangle France and outside contributors (artists, galerist curator, associations, institutions,) around ten french and foreign artists for 3 or 4 months.

Triangle France is a non-profit contemporary arts organization, based at "La Friche Belle de Mai", a former tobacco factory located in the city center of Marseilles. Triangle France aims to promote the emerging international art scene through a challenging and experimental program of artist's residencies, exhibitions, events, new commissions, and publications. Triangle France supports the production and presentation of new forms of artistic activity and aims to create dynamic relationships between art, artists, and audiences both locally and internationally.

Since its founding in 1995, Triangle France has established itself as one of France's most innovative organizations supporting artists at a formative point in their career. Triangle France supports emerging artists as well as artists that are under-represented in France by collaborating with them in the development, production and presentation of important new projects that enable them to take new steps in their careers.

At the heart of Triangle France's activity is the residency program that welcomes between 9 to 12 artists a year to Marseilles and sends French artists to partner organizations abroad. The program seeks to accompany artists in their research from project inception to realization while offering public access to artistic research and to the current debates occurring in the art world.

Some of the previous residents are: Simon Starling (1997), Virginie Barré (1998), Jim Lambie (1998), Pierre Malphettes (1998), Bruno Peinado (1998), Damien Maziere (2002), Lili Reynaud Dewar (2006), Clement Rodzielski (2007), Kara Uzelman (2009), Emmanuelle Lainé (2009), Tim Braden (2009), Dominique Hurt (2011).
Triangle France seeks to enhance the cultural landscape in Marseilles by bringing internationally recognized artists to Marseilles, reaching new audiences, and generating dialogue with and around contemporary arts. Our exhibitions and events take place in the "Panorama", the new and vast exhibition space of "La Friche Belle de Mai", and also in partner spaces in Marseilles and elsewhere. The program takes the form of an annual season ranging from 4 to 6 months and comprising various curatorial formats and extensive research.

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Former residents

Olivier Nottellet


Jean-Baptiste Sauvage


Virginie Barré


Bruno Peinado