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A unique and unusual visibility of art scenes.


There have been Documents d'artistes projects in the PACA region since 1999, Brittany since 2009, Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes since 2011, and Aquitaine since 2012.
Their shared brief involves presenting the work of contemporary artists from different French regions using the online publication of monographic dossiers. These documentary collections, which are accessible to art professionals and amateur art-lovers alike, offer a free digital resource that is at once exponential and commented.
Once a year, in each region, a committee of professionals is invited to select the new artists whose works will join the documentary collections.

The teams are involved on a daily basis with the artists to deal with the documentation of their works on the web and long-term assistance with their careers. They also conduct training and communication programmes to spread the word about the diverse range of art scenes among different kinds of public. With regard to these issues, collaboration with professionals—for whom documentation is a major tool for accessing, transmitting and circulating artistic thinking, be it visual or written—is essential.

In 2011, these homologous projects in regions were federated within the Réseau documents d'artistes non-profit organization, in order to stimulate the visibility of the artists' work at a national and international level, and assist cultural operators in their research and exploration.

The web platform, developed thanks to the backing of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, encompasses all the dossiers of artists present in the different collections, i.e. almost 400 artists represented to date. It relays their latest news, describes their mobility in France and abroad, and presents trajectories, experiences, works, and resources...
The Internet site is also a space of critical reflection which puts art productions into perspective by using different publication formats (publishing invitations, encounters, residency notebooks, focus).

To provide an international link for these programmes, the editorial contents online are being proposed from 2015 on in a bilingual version (French/English - Translation : Simon Pleasance).

The Réseau documents d'artistes is involved in a demanding line of thinking about the challenges of representing art on the Internet, and about the evolution of documentary methods, online publishing, and image and information processing.

It is regarded as a system that is open to new projects which might see the light of day in other regions in France and abroad, in compliance with shared commitments.





An analytical approach, an in-depth reading, and an original perspective on the works.

Publishing invitations: personalities (art critics, curators, artists, researchers,...) are invited to consider all the artists' dossiers as a source of research, to produce a critical essay linked with a visual documentation of the works, and cast an eye on contemporary art praxes.
> Residency notebooks: through the publication of documents (photos, drawings, texts, videos) produced during a residency period, an artist and a member of the Réseau documents d'artistes pool their thoughts about the challenges of this residency, and the thinking and work which the artist invests in it.
> Focus: highlighting works chosen for their specific production context, interdisciplinary collaborations, and intersecting domains (art and industry, heritage, science, architecture, etc.).


The Internet site, a tool at the service of artists and works.

> A communication interface, presenting works in the public place of artists in the collections, the residencies in which they have taken part, disseminating their latest news, and their press links (articles, interviews, reports, etc.)...
> A networking platform, via the heading "links" and through the comparison made with similar projects in France and throughout the world.
> A source of information, with the online publication of calls for projects, applications for residencies, prizes, public and private commissions, the 1% art budget programme, research seminars, etc, on a national and international scale.


Complementary initiatives in synergy with existing regional structures and their specific features.

At the crossroads of documentation and communication, the Réseau documents d'artistes undertakes collaborations and partnerships permitting the specific programming of public events. These highlights are an opportunity for encounters with the public, and provide the overlapping dissemination of the work of artists in the documentary collections in regions.

> Temporary documentary spaces at the Institut d'Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes, at the Lyon Biennial, and at the Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in Turin;
> Participation in the 6th Interprofessional Congress of the CIPAC at the ENSBA Lyon;
> Screenings of artists' video programmes hand-in-hand with the Lyon Biennale and the Passerelle Art Centre in Brest;
> Group exhibition at the Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, in tandem with Artorama;
> Group show and round table at the Fondation Bullukian, Lyon, echoing the publishing invitation to Mathilde Villeneuve, etc.


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Head office:
41, rue Charles Berthelot
29200 Brest - FR

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SITES IN REGIONS in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Marceline Matheron, Guillaume Mansart and Olivier Baudevin
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Christine Finizio, Aurélie Mélac-Venot and Margaux Germain
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Lélia Martin-Lirot, Lucie Comerro
 and Anne Turpin-Hutter
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Elodie Goux and Anaïs Garcia
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