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Delphine Balley, Virgine Barré, Florence Doléac, Christelle Familiari, Julie C. Fortier, Anne-Valérie Gasc, Aïcha Hamu, Suzanne Husky, Lina Jabbour, Natacha Lesueur, Anne Le Troter, Émilie Perotto, Aurélie Pétrel, Linda Sanchez, Eva Taulois...

  • Some of us, an overview on the French Art Scene
  • Exposition

  • Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Budelsdorf, Allemagne

  • Du 01/06/2019 au 13/10/2019

Part 1: FOCUS

Curator: Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize
Associate curator: Marianne Derrien

Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Julie Béna, Tiphaine Calmettes, Chloé Dugit-Gros, Elsa & Johanna, Sara Favriau, Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon, Lola Gonzàlez, Katia Kaméli, Anne Le Troter, Camille Llobet, Marianne Mispelaëre, Eva Nielsen, Aurélie Pétrel, Emilie Pitoiset, Justine Pluvinage, Eva Taulois, Sarah Tritz, Marion Verboom, Léonie Young

The country pavilion titled „Some of Us“ is dedicated to French female artists born between the late 1960s and early 1990s who have made a name for themselves in our neighbouring country and beyond in recent years. The exhibition aims to investigate the development across one generation of women, illuminating commonalities and examining what is typically French or perhaps Western.
“Some of Us” is an exhibition in two parts: “Focus” is based on a selection of emerging artists with recent recognition in France. As a complement to this focus, the second exhibition “Statement“ offers a panorama of more than a hundred female artists.

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Eva Taulois, "Un tapis en été", 2017 Eva Taulois, "Un tapis en été", 2017 © Droits réservés - f.deladerriere