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Caroline Bouissou

  • The Internal Machine
  • Exposition

  • The Center for Book Arts, New-York

  • Du 06/10/2017 au 16/12/2017
The Internal Machine is an exhibition I curated for the Center for Book Arts which examines intersections between the book and the machine. The exhibition is inspired by the work of Italian designer and artist Bruno Munari, particularly his humorous machines (like Mechanism to Play the Flute Even When One is Not at Home or A Lizard-driven Engine for Tired Tortoises) and his books (Illegible Books and Pre-Books) which challenge the expectations of the book as a piece of vision-centric technology. The artists in the show follow in Munari's path by exploring a multi-sensory approach to the book and to the acquisition of information.

As Seph Rodney in his essay for the Exhibition catalog writes:
...with The Internal Machine, the distinction between a book and the consciousness from which it arises is given insightful clarity. Typically, a book is merely a frame for the author’s consciousness, a receptacle for it and a means of its presentation. The model modern codex with its precise type mobilized for the teleological goal of communicating an idea or set of ideas doesn’t often reveal the perceptual apparatus that underlies its world view. However, the focus here is on these internal mechanisms that construct a particular way of seeing.

Artists :
Doug Beube, Ranjit Bhatnagar, András Böröcz, Caroline BouissouGillian Brown, Brian Dettmer, Juan Fontanive, Arnaldo Morales, Bruno Munari, Alexander Rosenberg, Claudia Schmitz, Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson, Kaethe Wenzel, Benjamin Wright, Nick Yulman , Mary Ziegler

Curated by John Roach

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Caroline Bouissou, Subconscient, 2017 Caroline Bouissou, Subconscient, 2017 © Droits réservés