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Félicia Atkinson

  • Audio Book
  • Publication

  • Shelter Press, Rennes

272 pages
14 x 21 cm
1 c printing

first edition of 200 copies
perfect bound / softcover

Uncompromising collection of found images and original work from Felicia Atkinson, composing a rasterized visual score.

Audio Book could be a radio program without sound, but it’s a travel guide for a destination that doesn’t exist. It’s a take-away environment. It’s a deep looking into the palimpsests of a landscape.
It gathers two hundred images, some are found materials some are originals. Some images are words. Each of those images contains a grain, a noise, a distortion, a blur, a change of frequency.
The book is the territory. The pages are the knitters of a strange kind of duration.
In the book there is no need for frontiers and passeports, language is a river to cross or to swim in. We are all foreigners of something. There are only derives and situations. The book travels for you, circulates, is exchanged, stolen, given or lost.
If you’re into publications like Batia Suter ‘Surface Series’ or Louis Reith ‘Decor’, this one comes highly recommended.

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Félicia Atkinson, Audio Books, 2017 Félicia Atkinson, Audio Books, 2017